Grow your Instagram followers & engagements. SocialSuperUser is a simple effective Instagram marketing tool to target your audience and increase your exposure with real & active followers. SocialSuperUser is a powerful do it yourself plugin that attracts REAL RESULTS, REAL PEOPLE.

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Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

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Super Safe

No Instagram username or password required. Google Chrome store approved.

Features That Matter

Do not share or enter your Instagram login credentials with any third party sites other than instagram.com. Giving out your login info could result in your account being compromised.

Lightning Fast Results

In today’s world, we just want to get everything done quickly. Start seeing real engagement within hours!

Features That Matter

This plugin allows you to see and like thousands of medias per hour. Try doing that on your own… no bueno. The SSU plugin has daily automatic stop functionality built in.

Genuine Followers

Social Super User attracts real followers which provide real likes and comments.

Features That Matter

Work on building a community of people who are interested in you or your product/service.  Don’t buy followers or likes because fake followers don’t buy products or promote your brand.

Extremely Affordable

We give new users a 2 week free trial to experience the targeted marketing power of the Social Super User chrome plugin

Features That Matter

Once the 2 week free trial ends the Social Super User chrome browser plugin will become $2.99/Mo

Ease of Use

With regards to Managing and running SocialSuperUser it couldn’t be easier.

Features That Matter

We provide a simple, chrome browser user interface (UI) that is very easy to understand and manage. The plugins simplicity and ease-of-use gives our customers the ability to run SocialSuperUser in less than 2 minutes.

Targeted Marketing

The Plugin uses hashtags and search options to engage with users targeted towards your audience.

Features That Matter

The idea is simple. You use hashtags and locations to find people interested in your brand and get them to notice you by interacting with them at a much quicker speed.

Your privacy, trust and peace of mind mean a huge amount to us. That is why we NEVER ask for your login credentials.

We Make Your life Easier

Simple User Interface

How to Install
instagram growth tool

SocialSuperUser saves a lot of time in managing your growth on Instagram by helping you get more authentic & real followers to build your brand. It gets to work! in many cases you’ll start seeing results within in a few hours.

The Plugin is only designed to run on a desktop or laptop computer that has chrome internet browser plugin capabilities.

Plugin Preview


How It Works

The Social Super User chrome browser plugin enables users to see & like media(s) on Instagram consistently and rapidly to generate virtually unlimited real likes and followers.

After defining your audience, you then start liking users content you think will most likely connect with your profile or brand.  When a user sees activity notifications on their instagram profile from your account it makes them curious about your page and this opens the door for opportunity.  Most users will check out your profile content as a result of the engagement and will usually choose to follow & like your page back. Many Instagram users do this already but it’s a tedious process that takes time and is the same thing again and again and again. This is where SocialSuperUser comes in and helps you with this entire process by Saving you time.

Supported Platforms : Google Chrome

Skills We Use

instagram marketing


You begin interacting with other Instagram users in your target audience. You will get to see and like their photos by using a hashtag or geolocation of your choice, this will spark their curiosity to visit your page, encouraging them to follow your account. Users you interacted with will get a notification that you liked there photo so depending on the quality and content of your profile a certain percent will like back and become your followers.

You need to use a chrome internet browser for the plugin to work.

Yes, however the plugins only work on one computer at a time.

The plugin is only designed to run on a desktop or laptop computer that is using a Chrome internet browser.

Every account has different like limits. Instagram uses a complicated approach to calculating max allowed likes per account which depends on account freshness, following / follower’s ratio and your current and past activity.

Instagram is also known for adjusting this approach from time to time. You can find your max by gradually increasing number of likes by 50 a day until you hit a soft likes suspension. You could use that figure as your target daily likes or reduce it to allow for some likes made manually from your mobile App.

Go to the Instagram App on your mobile device click on setting then check out the “photos you have liked”

Go to the search bar on the Social Super User extension and enter a specific city, state, province, or country.  Location is not a #. Social Super User will allow you to add multiple hashtags, specific user profiles, and location within the task settings.

Yes, Social Super User has multiple hashtag and location functionality built in.

1. Misspelled tags

2. Saved task that that have very few or no new posts to like.

3. You have reached a limit.

If the plugin does not like for more then two days please try rebooting Chrome or just reset the plugin by using the following link chrome://extensions/ in your browser. Then locate and Disable/Enable the option under the Social Super User (Instagram ) add on. If you are still having issues please contact us with the form provided below.

You might have accidentally disabled SocialSuperUser or it was disabled by another plugin due to a plugin conflict.

Open ‘chrome://extensions’ tab in Chrome, scroll down to SocialSuperUser and make sure ‘Enabled’ checkbox is turned on.

No, do not share or enter your Instagram login credentials in any third party sites other than instagram.com

Make sure to follow these rules to stay away from like suspensions and increase your max allowed daily likes target:

1. Do not run multiple growth plugin or multiple SocialSuperUser instances over the same Instagram account at the same time.

2. Avoid liking, following or posting anything on Instagram while SocialSuperUser is working. Stop SocialSuperUser before doing so.

3. Do not use SocialSuperUser for accounts that are less than 21 days old or have less then 10 photos on your profile

4. Use as many relevant hashtags or geo locations to like as possible and post good fresh content regularly. If you consistently hit temp like suspension at a certain target like count reduce the total likes to stay away from it.

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