No. Auto-follow is spammy and unethical. Any such tools would be damaging to Instagram’s community and may damage your brand. Furthermore, this would also turn your feed into irrelevant junk. Also, Auto-follow can be detected by Instagram spam algorithms which could lead to account ban. Therefore, we will not support it.


No. Nobody likes generic comments like ‘Nice photo!’ and ‘Wish I was there!’. They are spammy and can get you into embarrassing situations. Besides, Instagram has an AI driven spam detection system so auto-commenting doesn’t work well anyway.


SocialSuperUser brings attention of Instagram users to your account. Whether they like or follow you depends on the quality and content of your photos and videos.

It’s important to create great content, target the right audience and choose tags wisely.

We do not recommend that you use SocialSuperUser for accounts of less than 21 days old or without a recovery phone number listed.

To stay safe and learn more about SocialSuperUser configuration, tips and tricks, please make sure to read the F.A.Q. section below.



What is it?

SocialSuperUser is a social marketing automation tool for Instagram. It likes posts on your behalf right from your Chrome Internet Browser.

Liking relevant posts brings attention to your profile as some people check you back when they see you liked them or engaged with their content.

If your profile content resonates with people who checked you they will usually like or even follow your account back.

When the likes count resets?

The day ends at midnight. At midnight, the like counter resets to 0 then re-activates within 7-12 hours.

What if computer is shut down or sleeps?

SocialSuperUser works from Chrome and requires stable Internet connection. If your machine hibernates (HDD is turned off after user inactivity), SocialSuperUser will stop. You might need to configure your PC not to hibernate in OS Settings.

SocialSuperUser always tries to get to the daily likes quota as fast as possible and might make just a bit of extra few likes on top.

But if you missed a day entirely, SocialSuperUser won’t try to make double the quota as that may lead to temporary account ban.

How does it know what Instagram account is yours?

SocialSuperUser uses Instagram cookies stored in your browser to simulate human activity and make http requests.

Hence.. this is why it does not require your Instagram login username or credentials

It sleeps too often!

It is designed to do so. SocialSuperUser wakes up, makes likes and goes to sleep. It will also sleep at night for 7-12 hours.

It should however consistently deliver the daily quota of likes given that PC does not hibernate and is connected to Internet for long enough and you have an abundant number of tasks running.

What happens if it liked all posts for a tag?

If there are no posts for a tag, SocialSuperUser will ban the tag from 2 to 24 hours from being run in hope there will be more posts soon.

Realistically this should not slow you down unless you have only one or two tags running with a very low number of posts created.

SocialSuperUser also won’t be un-liking posts automatically as it’s not a natural behavior.


Liking by tag

Liking by # tag is the simplest strategy. Enter a list of # tags in the plugin’s config settings select the like amount, click save.

Every time SocialSuperUser wakes up, it will pick tags at random, then scan about 200 recent posts for that tag and like some of them before going to sleep.

Liking by location

Targets specific geo-locations. Yields best results if your clients or target audience are frequently found in a certain location.

Click the option with the ‘PIN’ icon (not hashtag one).

Tip: location targeting has the lowest bots-to-real-users ratio and gives very high conversion rates if used properly.

Liking user’s followers

The most powerful of the targeting strategies, but generally the slowest one to run. Typically gives the best conversion rates.

You set the user accounts to target, SocialSuperUser will scan X most recent followers of those accounts, visits their pages and like one or more of their posts.

Great when used with your competitor or similar accounts or accounts that your target audience is following.

Scanning phase is very slow due to the request rate limits. It takes SocialSuperUser about 7 seconds to scan 10 recent followers so it may appear not doing anything while the scan is performed.

Please note SocialSuperUser cannot reach private (closed) accounts

Tip: if you feel your content resonates well with people following a certain account, adjust a ‘min/max likes per user per session’ parameters to be higher. Otherwise keep them low.


How do I switch Instagram Account it works with?

Open instagram.com page in your browser, log out and log back in under a different Instagram ID. SocialSuperUser will understand that the accounts has been changed.

Can it be set up through Firefox or Opera?

No. There are significant technical difficulties with Firefox / Opera versions which we would have to overcome.

Can it be set up through a phone?

No. SocialSuperUser requires a desktop Chrome version and stable Internet connection. Also, it cannot run off the phone as it would consume an awful lot of data and battery life. Also it would become unreliable as background processes are throttled by mobile OS.

Can I promote more than one account?

SocialSuperUser is designed for personal use and not to facilitate a bot factory or a marketing agency. However it is possible to run a few accounts with SocialSuperUser simultaneously. Here is how:

1. Setup a second Chrome User Profile

2. Open the second Chrome incognito window under that profile and log under the second Instagram account

3. Install and run SocialSuperUser in both Chrome windows

Done. You’re now running two SocialSuperUser instances over two Instagram accounts. We do not recommend promoting more than 3 accounts simultaneously this way as they will share the same IP and may get you banned.


How many likes can I safely make?

Instagram uses a complicated approach to calculating max allowed likes per account which depends on account freshness, following / follower’s ratio and your past activity.

Instagram is also known for adjusting this approach from time to time. You can find your max by gradually increasing number of likes by 50 a day until you hit a soft likes suspension. You could use that figure as your target daily likes or reduce it to allow for some likes made manually from your mobile App.

If SocialSuperUser is not liking, try rebooting Chrome or just reset the plugin by opening the following link in your browser chrome://extensions/ then click the Enable/Disable option under the Social Super User (Instagram 3.0) add on.

What are the safety rules?

Make sure to follow these rules to stay away from like suspensions and increase your max allowed daily likes target:

1. Increase overall likes gradually, by 50-100 likes a day, until you reach 1500 likes.

2. Do not run multiple bots or multiple SocialSuperUser instances over the same Instagram account at the same time.

3. Avoid liking, following or posting anything on Instagram while SocialSuperUser is working. Stop SocialSuperUser before doing so.

4. Do not use SocialSuperUser for accounts that are less than 21 days old or have less then 10 photos on your profile

5. Use as many relevant hashtags to like by as possible and post good fresh content regularly. If you consistently hit temp like suspension at a certain target like count reduce the total likes to stay away from it.

Doesn’t work while VPN is on?

SocialSuperUser needs to be able to make calls to Instagram service, so please make sure you can actually browse instagram.com.


Slow or doesn’t deliver daily quota?

This typically happens because of the following:

1. Misspelled tags

2. Saved task that that have very few or no new posts to like.

3. You have reached a limit.

4. Your OS or Chrome throttles the Plugin. Monitor SocialSuperUser during the day to find out if that is the case. Here are two links that could help avoid throttling: instruction 1 and instruction 2.

5. If SocialSuperUser is not liking, try rebooting Chrome or just reset the plugin by copying the following link into your browser chrome://extensions/ then locate and Disable /Enable the option under the Social Super User (Instagram 3.0) add on.

I see ‘Plugin was disabled in Chrome’ message?

You might have accidentally disabled SocialSuperUser or it was disabled by another plugin due to a plugin conflict.

Open ‘chrome://extensions‘ tab in Chrome, scroll down to SocialSuperUser and make sure ‘Enabled’ checkbox is turned on.

A task is suspended. What does that mean?

SocialSuperUser will automatically suspend a task for a few hours if there are no posts to like or all recent posts were liked.

If there are no posts for a saved tag, SocialSuperUser will suspend the task for 24 hours. If all recent posts for a tag were liked, SocialSuperUser will suspend the task for 2 hours.

Got another question, suggestion or request?

Sure, you can reach us via email: SocialSuperUser@gmail.com

Please note we might not be able to prioritize your request unless you include the following into your message:

1.) a screenshot of the problem and a clear explanation.

2.) a Debug Info file, which can be collected from the plugin INFO page by clicking SAVE DEBUG INFO TO A FILE button.